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Workshop Feb 20, 2019.


Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPA or the Authority) has been established by virtue of PPPA Act, 2017. The Authority is functioning under the administrative control of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and a mandate, inter-alia, to regulate PPP transactions; to assist federal implementing agencies in developing, structuring and procuring their infrastructure projects through private sector investment; and to approve such PPP transactions which provide value for money solution to the public sector.
The Authority, in order to impart essential PPP knowledge and to acquaint participants with the establishment and functions of the Authority, organized a workshop at Planning Commission, Pak Secretariat, on 20th February 2019.

The workshop deliverables were divided into the following three sessions:

1 - Introduction to PPPs
2 - PPPA, Act 2017 (the Act), and
3 - Project Development Process

In the first session, the participants were given overview of the PPP concept and how it differentiates from procuring public infrastructure projects through government funding. The presentation focused on identifying key-stakeholders of the PPP transaction, PPP life-cycle, risk-sharing between the public and the private sectors, Project-Finance features and PPP modalities, and last but not the least diagrammatic explanation of the whole PPP transaction structure.

The second part of the presentation focused on highlighting the essential components of the Act including but not limited to establishment and functions of the Authority; compositions and functions of the board of the Authority; roles and responsibilities of the implementing agencies; contents of the concession agreement; and most importantly the establishment, operation and management of the Viability Gap Fund (VGF) and Risk Management Unit (RMU).
The last part of the presentation focused on explaining the development process of the PPP projects, especially with reference to interaction of the implementing agencies and the Authority. This part highlighted the practical aspects involved in the entire PPP project development cycle and ‘who will be doing what’. The audience was well-acquainted with the basic pre-requisites for the successful PPP transactions and importance of the carrying-out bankable feasibility study for the potential PPP transactions was kept in the spot-light.
More than 100 representatives from different government institutions are participated, including line Ministries, Attached Departments, Body Corporate, and Autonomous Bodies of Federal Government. The participants were senior governments officials, representatives of the federal implementing agencies, service-providers and subject-matter specialists.

The audience was very participative, raised very valid questions (to which the Authority replied to their satisfactory) and gave their valuable feedback regarding how to make PPP project development process more efficient and cost-effective. The Authority on a note of thanks concluded the workshop and given the interest shown by the audience the Authority pledged to hold similar workshops regularly within a span of few months.

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