The Federal Government has always been very keen to procure public assets and development of infrastructure projects by leveraging private sector investment. In year 2006, the Federal Government established Infrastructure Project Development Facility through Ministry of Finance to provide advisory and facilitation services to ministries and other autonomous bodies to structure, develop and procure infrastructure projects through Public Private Partnerships.

By virtue of Public Private Partnership Authority Act (No. VIII), 2017 (the, “Act”), the Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF) has been converted into Public Private Partnership Authority (the, “Authority”). The Act mandated the Authority to establish a regulatory framework to attract domestic and foreign private investment in the development of public infrastructure through transparent and fair procurement process.

As per the bill PPPA is to execute Public Private Partnership Authority in Pakistan to promote domestic and foreign private investment in infrastructure, to increase availability of public infrastructure, reduce transaction costs, ensure appropriate regulatory control and provide legal and economic mechanism.

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Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPA or the Authority) has been established by virtue of PPPA Act, 2017. The Authority is functioning under the administrative control of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and a mandate, inter-alia, to regulate PPP transactions; to assist federal implementing agencies in developing, structuring and procuring their infrastructure projects through private sector investment; and to approve such PPP transactions which provide value for money solution to the public sector.     Read More

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